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NormieCon 4.0 is Happening!

Are you ready to get spooky?! After three successful events, we wanted to make sure this is a different and spooky con experience for our fans. We are super excited to host our Fourth Normie Con in our home city, Indianapolis on October 6th – October 8th.  

NormieCon 1.0, 2018

What can you expect from this event? 

An intimate three days jam-packed with activities, from spooky DIYS, to board games, karaoke, cosplay contests, watching a scary movie with us and even a murder mystery hosted by yours truly! There will be an open spooky bar on Saturday as well as a local food truck with Indianapolis’ finest street food and treats! And of course the greatest attraction of all – hanging out with friends you made along the way on your Normie journey.

Where do I sign up?!

NormieCon is unlike any other YouTubers organized cons. We get up close and personal with our guests, and participate in all activities with them. We do not put barriers between us and our fans. But also, we don’t know you… That’s why we ask that you fill out an application to help us veto whether or not you’re Joe Goldberg, Love Quinn, Jinx, Lil Gidion or Queen Cercei. After you fill out the form, you will be informed about your approval, along with recommendations on best local stays, restaurants and things to do when you’re not at the con. 

Sorry you missed this, but the applications are now closed 🙁

How much is it?

Our pricing is currently $100 for general admission. We truly appreciate all the love over the years and your ticket cost contributes to the fun! 

Seriously, is it worth coming?

We’ll let the photos, videos and testimonials speak for themselves! 

Everyone in Indy was so hospitable, they not only met with everyone as soon as we got there, but took the time to get to know us. It’s unlike any con out there. We all played games together, had debates over certain shows and characters, played with some of the cool cosplay and toys that they had collected, and got to explore Indianapolis more.

– The Normies Official Discord Member

I was a bit nervous to go at first because I’m not the most outgoing person in the world, and I’m a total introvert. But everyone there made me feel welcome and I had a great time. So much so that I went in again in 2019 and plan to go in 2022. I really encourage anyone who’s a fan of the channel to register and come hang out with the coolest people.

– The Normies Official Discord Member

NormieCon is definitely the place for people from all walks of life to embrace and gather. … What makes NormieCon special is that it does not feel like a typical convention. NormieCons are really about making long lasting friendships, not just with fellow attendees but also with the Normies! As someone who attended both NormieCons, I can say that it was completely worth going!

– The Normies Official Discord Member